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We provide an efficient direct-to-consumer solution that bridges the gap between customers and businesses. By developing personalised engagements, Evizion media allows companies to reach their target audience quickly and effectively. Not to mention, this approach will give customers more control over their relationship with the brands they know and love. It's no wonder why Evizion has become a go-to destination for many looking to get closer to their favourite outlets. Simply put, Evizion is making it easier than ever for companies to create reliable one-to-one relationships with consumers. Who knew that something so revolutionary could be so convenient.

Advertiser - Branded Campaigns

Advertiser-Branded campaigns are an incredibly powerful and effective way for advertisers to get their message out to the public. This approach involves creating ads and other creative elements based on an advertiser's specific specifications that can reach their desired audience in a more organized and strategic way. When done correctly, this tactic can be catered to match the voice of the brand, engage customers, drive website visits, increase app downloads and boost sales. There is also the added bonus of achieving better brand recognition due to carefully crafted visuals tailored to unique customer interests. Advertiser-branded campaigns are essential for any advertiser trying to make a real impact on their target market.

Pay-For-Performance Model

O.D.D Marketing Company provides a unique pay-for-performance model that helps to precisely manage the advertiser client's digital advertising spend. By controlling the spend across various digital channels, the advertiser can make sure they are reaching out to their existing customers as well as potential customers. The model is designed such that it cuts out unnecessary ad spending, allowing clients to keep more of their budget and get increased ROI. O.D.D also offers additional targeted campaigns and strategies to help take engagement with customers even further, helping maximize long-term growth for the client.

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It's time to capture more high-intent customers

Evizion Media Group understands what it takes to be successful in the digital advertising space and has chosen to use the best people, processes, and technology available in the industry. Evizion works with businesses to create performance-driven advertisements that get results while also offering insights into consumer behavior so they can tweak campaigns accordingly. In addition, Evizion Media Group provides unparalleled accountability for every media dollar spent. This thoughtful approach ensures that each campaign is optimized for success – something that sets Evizion Media Group apart from the competition. Together, we can make sure your business gets maximum visibility, engagement, and ultimately get the results you deserve!

Real-Time Exclusive Leads

Consumers who land on a site and fill out a form are routed to you in real-time after submitting their information.


Real-Time Shared Leads

Identical to real-time exclusive leads except these are sold to more than one client, which means you pay a lower rate for the lead.


Aged Leads

Whether you're looking to build CRM databases, cross-sell related services or reinvigorate a previous prospect, presold leads can help you increase acquisition at a much lower cost.


Here’s a look at the acquisition process and our partners.

Our campaigns are all about customer acquisition: selling a call, a click, or a lead.

These are all tactics for the same goal of acqusition.

Step 1
Whether it’s one or more tactics, we craft campaigns designed to find consumers who are in-market and ready.
Step 2
Next, we present multiple opportunities for consumers to convert in the ways they prefer most (forms, calls, etc.).
Step 3
Then, we use our technology stack’s data targeting tools to route and match a consumer profile with your brand.


We take compliance as seriously as we take delivering bottom-line growth. Funneling leads through multiple best-practice programs ensures the delivery of quality leads whether you’re utilizing one Visiqua solution or a dynamic mix of our tactics.

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Consent Verification

We bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to every project. The results speak for themselves!

When it comes to ads every click matters

We give our clients the access and insight needed to properly launch and execute effective demand generation campaigns at scale.

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